Our Z-frame is custom made to match the Nex5N on it’s best. This frame is made in 70/75 aircraft aluminium and comes standard with the set. Variable stereobase from 68 - 130mm. The frame is provided with 1/4” screw-thread  on top and bottom center. 3Dtechnics delivers the Z-frame with big Hama screws and hex bolts to attach the camera at the frame. Hex bolts are used if you want to use a tripod with adapter plate. For vertical alignment of the camera, we provided an adjustment screw. This avoids the camera for bending over. Because of this you can reach 0 or very near to 0 pixels difference between both cameras. Mail: info@3dtechnics.be - Phone: 0032 498 16 95 85 - VAT: BE 0810.208.633